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Kat says:
What BRAVE and HEROIC men you are! Shooting innocent men, women and children!
Fri Oct 24 18:49:07 2008 , 06:49 PM
Christopher Columbus says:
Kat, whomever you are, I agree with you, completely. What did these innocent people even do? Answer that one!
Wed Nov 26 19:38:48 2008 , 07:38 PM
hawk says:
i agree with you both. if those people committed a crime maybe i should be killed too.
Thu Dec 11 13:30:56 2008 , 01:30 PM
ashley says:
This is unbeilivably sad. I pray for the people who survived the holocaust and are haunted by the memories of event's like this.
Fri Dec 12 10:44:47 2008 , 10:44 AM
amber says:
oh my gosh this makes me sooo sad.It makes me grateful for the life i have.I just want those ppl to know who suffored you didnt deserve it.
Thu Jan 8 15:22:24 2009 , 03:22 PM
Emolie says:
omgomg omg this is horrid y would any1 anyone do such horrid damage... ;(
imm cryung
so is my frind abouy..
tear tear tear
Fri Jan 16 10:19:11 2009 , 10:19 AM
sara says:
what kind of people r they killing peopole who didnt do anything t them
Mon Feb 9 12:24:56 2009 , 12:24 PM
jessieb says:
the walls look like bars of chocolatey goodness!! no offense lol
Fri Feb 13 11:39:31 2009 , 11:39 AM
kimo says:
woooooow that is fantastic i like that :P fuck israel
Wed Apr 1 18:22:10 2009 , 06:22 PM
liz says:
The walls really do look like chololate. Anyway yea fuck germany and all the nazi bastards. They killed innocent people because they didnt believe in the same religion as them. God i hate those people. like i said before i hope they all burn in hell and i hope they get the same treatment that they gave those poor jewish people.
Fri Apr 3 11:44:45 2009 , 11:44 AM
rachel harkin says:
god bless them
Fri Apr 3 21:11:41 2009 , 09:11 PM
hailey says:
i ageree with you alll and somthings i dont agree with it all and somthings i do so its all not fair i still love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wed Apr 8 19:17:35 2009 , 07:17 PM
lily says:
what the hell are those people doing i mean they have no god dammn right to do any of that, they are human beings and we are all created equal why cant they learn and they are going to burn in hell for the rest of eternity. they aint gonna change..

go shoot yourselfs nazis
Mon Apr 13 14:31:16 2009 , 02:31 PM
Juno says:
Lol Chocolate yummy!!!!!
Daw those people are dum
Lol thats all I can say but Its the truth
They seem to be heartless they
dont give a f*** about others!!!
Thu Apr 16 20:51:21 2009 , 08:51 PM
jenny says:
i love this! (:
Tue Apr 21 05:57:05 2009 , 05:57 AM
mark says:
wow chocolate sounds good this is mean
those jews actually look dead! :(
i hope they aint ill pray for them
Wed Apr 29 10:48:14 2009 , 10:48 AM
Kyle Clark says:
Omg this is so wrong i am like crying over this under my bad. I am like about kill myself cuz this is so sad): Oh help me now i am about to do it!!! Holy shit!!
Wed Apr 29 10:53:14 2009 , 10:53 AM
Abby says:
dont think about killing your self what good is that gonna do we can all prevent this from happening agin if it does!!!dont you see We can stop anybody from doing this again if we all work together!!just think why did hitler do what he did he could have been bullied by a jew!!!1Cdont you guys under stand it can happen again!!!!We need to prevent this stop people from making fun of people im not gonna lie i have made fun of people before in my short life and ya i might do it again bu after seeing and reading about all this holocaust stuff it only makes me think more of what could happen then what already did happen!!!
Tue May 5 12:34:07 2009 , 12:34 PM
S.O.S says:
Mon May 18 13:08:51 2009 , 01:08 PM
breana perez says:
I feel really bad when i have to see these photos. For those out there remaining fight and live for as long as you can.
Tue May 19 15:10:10 2009 , 03:10 PM
Noel says:
OMG!!! What kind of people are they Why don't we just take a gun and shoot them and see how they like it? Ugh :/ Man I know this was a while ago, but pure hatred burns fiercly inside me.... >_
Tue Jul 7 18:23:09 2009 , 06:23 PM
Ashanti says:
OMG this is sad!!!! How could people treat other people like this! This is so sad didnt they think of the children and their family!?!?!? Now i hope them Nazis asked themselves this question.. Now that i have followed hitler and this madness and since i'm not gonna change my ways where do u think am i gonna go when i die? I can answer that question 4 u! Its Not HEAVEN!! Ur not gonna live 4ever the longer u live the shorter ur days of life get shorter. And once when u try 2 change ur time is out! So live ur life wisely!
Sat Sep 5 16:55:40 2009 , 04:55 PM
ernesto laureano says:
¿No será que estos militares solo miran a las víctimas alemanas del bombardeo aliado? A mi me parece que sí.
Mon Sep 14 07:26:50 2009 , 07:26 AM
dirtypickel says:
Hitler can suck a dick
Fri Oct 9 10:54:18 2009 , 10:54 AM
young turtle moster says:
i agree with every one
even dirty pickle
Sat Jan 9 12:03:35 2010 , 12:03 PM
kimberly says:
i'd say that these people didnt have no heart nor feelings,,i mean how could they just kill someone just like that, without evven thinking of how horrible is to be a killer!! poor inocent people,,R.I.P
Sat Feb 6 23:15:48 2010 , 11:15 PM
batman says:
fuck adolf hitler he was a sick gay what hell bitches
Tue Apr 13 10:29:57 2010 , 10:29 AM
kayla says:
if i everr saww those men i would shove thier guns up there asses!!!!!
Sun Apr 18 21:50:02 2010 , 09:50 PM
jaun says:
nice i really like it..kill more jews

welldone nazis..well done hitler
Sun May 23 15:46:46 2010 , 03:46 PM
brina says:
that is so sad
Tue Jul 6 15:44:10 2010 , 03:44 PM
Christina Renay says:
fuck you "kimo" shut off ur computer forever && get a life , this pic is so terrible ):
Thu Jul 8 02:06:12 2010 , 02:06 AM
Artsey says:
It's scary how evil humans can be. We have so much intelligence as a species, but keep repeating the same mistakes throughout history, over and over again. Imagine how much better the world would be if we worked together to get along and had tolerance and acceptance of each others opinions and life choices. Hate is a very powerful emotion. I'm sick of war, terrorists, murderers, pedophiles and people who only look out for themselves. We should be better than this.
Sun Jul 11 17:56:28 2010 , 05:56 PM
baby games says:
Very sad pictures..
Fri Feb 17 11:44:23 2012 , 11:44 AM
nikeshorts says:
this is jsut horible!! i can\\\\\\\'t believe it and i am soooooo glad i didn\\\\\\\'t live through that time................... God bless the ppl who had to go through this :(
Tue Mar 20 19:44:30 2012 , 07:44 PM
Juan your a fuckin idiot!!!!!!!!!!!! I will pray for your soul while God lets you burn in hell for eternity. The only reason these people were MURDERED was because they were JEWISH!!!!!!!!!!!! SO WAS JESUS!!!!!!!!! Would you say that about your Savior????
Wed Mar 28 20:45:44 2012 , 08:45 PM
We dont need people like you in AMERICA so take your work visa and get the fuck OUT OF MY COUNTRY YOU PIECE OF SHIT.
Wed Mar 28 20:54:11 2012 , 08:54 PM

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