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arrivals of jews

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Kat says:
Oh this must be whom you're referring to?...the REAL enemy!? The WOMEN and CHILDREN!! Yes, I see. They're HUMAN BEINGS! I guess that would be scary to a NAZI-PIG.
Fri Oct 24 18:47:40 2008 , 06:47 PM
Christopher Columbus says:
What did Jews ever do during this sad time? They were just going along a normal day and all of a sudden they get kicked out by people not even from their country or religion. This is the worst thing in the history of religion. Well, that is my opinion.
Wed Nov 26 19:36:26 2008 , 07:36 PM
liz says:
Well i agree with christopher columbus. That was the worst thing that ever happened. Babies and children were shot in the head because they were born into a jewish family. Thats so dumb. Women,children&babies were killed right in front of each other.
Fri Apr 3 11:42:02 2009 , 11:42 AM
diana says:
i cant believe what hitler did he is so dum because he didnt have the perfect race nethier why didnt he kill himself or why did he even spend his time to do all this mess if he didnt have the perfect race this is just crazy
Mon Apr 6 18:26:17 2009 , 06:26 PM
Abby says:
Well i believe that they thought they were perfect ya there full germans nobodys a full german or a full american Adolf probably had some jewish reliogone in him so i aggree he should have shot him self!!!And saved other people the pain
Wed May 6 12:03:18 2009 , 12:03 PM
candace says:
hitler was jewish himself and this "issue" with jews has happend before. in the early 1600s jews were being burned slaughterd and starved like they were in the 1930s-1950s. they thought that the jews were some unwanted filth that nobody wanted. i think its very sad and to see pictures of all of the jews that were being starved and its not just jews its was any other religion that wasnt roman catholic or ... it makes you want to cry. it is VERY sickining and the worst thing, in my opinion, thats happend to the world. those people didnt have to die. it makes you wonder what it would be like today if the holocaust didnt happen. what new student would be added to your class. what new coworker or boss would you see everyday. what our history books would be like. its sad to say that we'll never know. :(
Tue May 12 17:03:56 2009 , 05:03 PM
Fareler says:
How do you know that hitler was jewish?
Fri Oct 23 02:24:59 2009 , 02:24 AM
Hi says:
Wed Nov 11 14:11:53 2009 , 02:11 PM
Hi says:
Wed Nov 11 14:12:33 2009 , 02:12 PM
KnowItAll says:
Hitler was in fact jewish. He did shoot himself for that reason and because he knew he was being overrun by Jew's, so he simply committed suicide. He thought that if he did not do so, then he would be killed and or blown up.

So, if all you people who think you know everything obviously don't.
Mon Mar 1 18:14:20 2010 , 06:14 PM
mahnoosh says:
who did holocaust? who kileed jewish?
jermany or arabs? if germany & hitler kileed them then why they kill cildren of arabs in palistine & gazze?
israel is new holocauster & arabs r new jewish.
think about this
Thu Mar 25 07:16:58 2010 , 07:16 AM
Thug1 says:
Hitler deserved to do this
Mon May 10 16:41:20 2010 , 04:41 PM
DisDick says:
WTF Hitler !!!!!!!!!!!! How the hell could you kill innocent women and children !?!?!?!?! You PIG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tue May 11 12:28:26 2010 , 12:28 PM
Christina Renay says:
awwwhh , the little kids are so cute (: the nazis make me vomit . i jus want to spit in their faces .
Thu Jul 8 02:02:28 2010 , 02:02 AM
Chanchal Kumar Pal says:
These Nazis were so cruel that they deserve a pole to be stuck up through their assholes!
Fri Feb 17 02:02:55 2012 , 02:02 AM
Esmeralda says:
Israel is not the new holocoust. nor Palestine is the new Jews. Israel will continue to fight over their right to keep its territory. i love them both. been there before. lovely people. But God gave Jews the Promised land. End of story.
Tue Mar 20 05:16:11 2012 , 05:16 AM

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