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arrical in Chelmno

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karah says:
this is so sad i cant belive they lived like this omg i feel so bad i wish there was something we could of done too help.........................
Thu Feb 26 14:39:48 2009 , 02:39 PM
liz says:
i hope that all the people that did these horrible things to the jews burn in hell and i hope that they get beaten and starved for all eternity in hell. They deserve every bit of it.
Fri Apr 3 11:39:55 2009 , 11:39 AM
Abby says:
all i can think of is what would have happend if hitler was a jew and came after the christians h=who nos i might not even of been alive today
Tue May 5 12:21:55 2009 , 12:21 PM
XxTayTayxX says:
I don't see why people didn"t like the Jews. They didn't do ANYTHING to anybody!! & even if they did.....they didn"t deserve this. >=-| People who did this & still want to do it can burn in hell!!!
Sun May 10 10:50:36 2009 , 10:50 AM
kayley says:
ya love you jePr
Thu Sep 10 10:23:24 2009 , 10:23 AM
nicole says:
i zad
Mon Oct 19 11:14:52 2009 , 11:14 AM
Jennifer says:
Hitler was a Jew... It's an ethencity not just a religion or something like that but he was Jewish
Mon Mar 8 19:33:59 2010 , 07:33 PM
kayla says:
america could of done somethingg, we were just too late to realize how much was happening and we didnt want to lose our position
Sun Apr 18 21:48:21 2010 , 09:48 PM
Lee-Anne says:
Those poor people. I just feel so sad reading about the suffering and pain they went through. I pray for all those murdered, and may they all be together in Heaven where they can be safe and loved. I hope they are all reunited with their families where noone can hurt them again. god Bless these Jews.
Mon Jul 5 21:45:32 2010 , 09:45 PM
Christina Renay says:
yeah hitler is jewish && chelmno sucks .
Thu Jul 8 02:00:58 2010 , 02:00 AM
lolwut says:
lol you fucking moral fags , jews DESERVE to burn in a stove and fucking die in gas chambers , they're the scum of the earth , stop being moral faggots and look at the world now with the presence of the jews , hitler did nothing wrong and I'm not even a nazi ! he should have killed them all...
Wed Mar 21 08:41:05 2012 , 08:41 AM

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