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Abby says:
Wow just think how it was to live there! And work your ass off for your enemys that were killing yoor family!
Wed May 6 11:55:59 2009 , 11:55 AM
nicole says:
zad im very thankful 4 wat i got-
Mon Oct 19 11:13:30 2009 , 11:13 AM
nicole says:
zad im very thankful 4 wat i got-
Mon Oct 19 11:13:34 2009 , 11:13 AM
Jan says:
Actually the Jews cant prove yet that Hitler killed 6million Jews, he killed only some thousand of Jews. But the Jews r very clever n they are using this as a shelter for them taking money from all over the world. On the basis of holocaust they also occupied the Israel, which is actually not their homeland. On the behalf of these Jews USA killed millions of innocent peoples in Afghanistan, Iraq n Pakistan.Now he is looking for Yamen n Somalia. Jews directly kill many innocents in Palestine. If we accept that holocaust is true, the Jews killed more then 100 million Muslims in the world in last 10 years . No one asked him y u r killing Muslims??? If u want to take revenge u should take from Jermans or Christians. Nazi\\\'s were not Muslims that u r killing Muslims. So my requst is that pls realize the truth and don\\\'t be pretty on Jews.
May Allah(God) help all the Muslim Mujaheddins and defeat the Jews everywhere in the World.Amin
Sun Feb 7 04:49:18 2010 , 04:49 AM
Tasha says:
ok . so wtf ? hitler was a bitch . straight up . yea my dad is from germany but o damn well . hitler wasnt even from germany . he was from austria!! he shuda worried bout that country . i really hate him w\' a passion
Mon Apr 12 15:45:17 2010 , 03:45 PM
frankenstayn says:
sorry jan. I`m totally denied your comments.if u r talking about israel, they r fighting for land not pinched by americans.and they r all muslims, and if u talking about maas killing, saddam hussain killed many innocents. not only that his son uday was applied many banned tourture systems on the prisoners. and the most recent fact is the famous terrist group is hizbullah muzahidi they r all muslims and the members of this terrist group r all muslims and they r all driven by wrong motivation.and pakisthan they r following the same motivation. if they r not why they r having war with india? why they r try to capture kashmir? why they r killing innocents in India. for u`r kind information jan, the most terrorist activities is found in muslim countries like afganisthan, pakistan, somalia,iraq. they are spreading this in the name of allah. I`ve many examples. I hope all of them will be in heaven
Tue May 18 14:15:43 2010 , 02:15 PM
mr.doller says:
ohhh poor Jan, these r all war facts. war to be ruler of the world not for religious matter. Don`t try give any religious matter. looks like a idiot in the box
Tue May 18 14:27:38 2010 , 02:27 PM
Christina Renay says:
Hitler was jewish himself people . his mom was jewish && she beated him when he was little thats why he hated jews .
Thu Jul 8 01:54:04 2010 , 01:54 AM
maddi says:
ummmm to that comment up there with that snobby-ass bitch who's trying to say that it "wasn't" Hitler's fault. Go fuck yourself. you have a lot of nerve to come on a site of REMEMBERENCE and say something like that. Lol @ how your trying to say that Isreal isn't out holy land....are you serious? Your obviously not Jewish becuase it is. Your sickening. Your probably on this website for ammusement. Jews and Isrealis are defending their land from being literally wiped off the face of the Earth, which Palestine was threatening to do. People like you really make me sick. I'm sorry that you believe that way. Your right when you say we have no proof that it was Hitler himself who killed all the Jews, but who's power was all that killing under? Yes, HITLER'S!
Fri Mar 30 13:40:12 2012 , 01:40 PM
Taylor says:
The Holocaust is honestly the most revolting event that has ever happened, in my eyes. Nothing disgusts me more. Torturing Jews because they're richer than you? (The Germans) how immature and revolting is that. Don't kill someone, no not someone, a whole POPULATION of people, because they had it better than you.
Tue Apr 10 11:22:32 2012 , 11:22 AM
have you ever watch the movie the panists that movie is juzz like the Holocaust and if you watch you will cry the whole movie I watch the movie and it was amazing to watch then it start to get sad if y a`ll know how it was to loss a family member and it happen again again so really nobody need to talk about how the pic are ugly and the girl are gay that is not cute........................................................................................
Thu Apr 19 15:45:36 2012 , 03:45 PM
Fredrick says:
Many of you need to learn how to spell before anything you print is creditable. The denial of the holocaust is sickening in itself. The denial is stupid and unrealistic, Check out the pictures, do you think that someone staged that. When young people are ignorant to the harsh true history instead of comparing it to other histories, they lose a sense of their own history and will be likely to repeat history.
Wed Sep 5 01:46:13 2012 , 01:46 AM

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