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2 jewish resistants

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angie says:
Tue Mar 3 17:29:10 2009 , 05:29 PM
tyler says:
yea thier pretty cool jews since thier gay
Wed Mar 18 07:17:47 2009 , 07:17 AM
Alexx says:
Thats shit isn't cool to say about them!!
Mon Mar 23 17:32:05 2009 , 05:32 PM
Bree says:
Thats really crappy of you guys to sit there and make fun of Jews, Jewish people are no different than Christian people. They just have different beliefs.
Mon Mar 30 17:48:43 2009 , 05:48 PM
liz says:
i wish that people who make fun of jews could live through all the shit that they lived through. You all are the kind of people that make americans look ungreatful for all the things that we have. UGH.. grow up people. Jewish people are no different from other people. they believe in different things.. thats the only difference. for real grow up.
Fri Apr 3 11:37:28 2009 , 11:37 AM
diana says:
ya there is no thing to make fun of jews they are no different from us the only difference is they have different beliefs also u guys that are making fun of the jews if u were there suffering like the jews did u wouldent be laughing of the jews so grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mon Apr 6 18:16:03 2009 , 06:16 PM
lily says:
WOW! stronqq arquement
lets sayy how would yhu guys that are makinq fun of the jews
qo trouqh everythinqs the jews went trouqh maybeh yall
will learn to grow up;! theres some thinqs you dont make
fun of if yhu cant say somethinq nice dont say nuthinq at all!
Mon Apr 13 14:26:42 2009 , 02:26 PM
Janeth says:
Liz is right. You have the luxury of making fun of them because you have never and will never ever live through the hell they went through. At the least i hope you have 10 minutes of a nightmare. Being a prisoner in a camp should be enough to make you shut up and respect people.
Fri Apr 24 09:18:50 2009 , 09:18 AM
christina says:
this is really cute
Mon Apr 27 07:44:22 2009 , 07:44 AM
Abby says:
Seriosly how could you say such vulgar things when they did nothing to you ya you eat jews and you thinik there gay!!!What the hell did they do to you!!!Cant you be more mature!!!!Or are you gonna be a dumb ass like Adolf hitler and do somthing that killed so many!!!
Wed May 6 11:54:01 2009 , 11:54 AM
candace says:
all i got to say is GROW THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!! ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!!1
Tue May 12 17:17:58 2009 , 05:17 PM
clarissa says:
u guys are outta hand...calm down lol
Thu May 28 17:58:12 2009 , 05:58 PM
Noel says:
Yeahh they right, yahh should not be making fun of the Jews because they went through more disturbing things then you will ever. Yahh should be ashamed.. I mean yeah it was 2 comments, and actions may speak louder then words, but that was just downright pitiful... >_
Tue Jul 7 18:13:23 2009 , 06:13 PM
Adri says:
the things they did to jews seems just as cruel as hell so dont make fun
Fri Sep 4 20:49:55 2009 , 08:49 PM
Kaonna says:
I'm for the Jews an all, its just what you guys are fighting about is something completley unworthy of fighting over. An everyone has a right to there own opinion. but just make sure your opinion isn't that negetive and childish.
Fri Sep 11 16:53:13 2009 , 04:53 PM
nicole says:
this is so sad grow up
Mon Oct 19 11:10:21 2009 , 11:10 AM
ziggy says:
it really suks that they had to go through that.
i feel so bad.
Thu Oct 29 18:18:09 2009 , 06:18 PM
Mike says:
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Just wanteed to put that out there
Fri Nov 13 10:03:26 2009 , 10:03 AM
K says:
I cant believe people have the nerve to say that! So many people lost their lives, family, and loved ones because of jerks like u. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You better hope someone prays for you when its your time to be judged by God.
Fri Dec 18 10:27:27 2009 , 10:27 AM
carman says:
grow da FUCK FO REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wed Mar 3 15:40:03 2010 , 03:40 PM
i really hate jewish they r not human beings , bcoz they are bloody sinners, and who is fevouring them they r gays and all bad things they did
Thu May 27 12:55:55 2010 , 12:55 PM
carmen says:
I am truly disapointed in the fact that thi site allows for immature ignorant comments. This site should have constant supervision to remove those comments. My heart goes out to all the people that suffered. I pray to god that one day there is no evil in this world.
Mon Jun 7 22:18:35 2010 , 10:18 PM
brina says:
thatn is so true!
Thu Jun 10 12:41:40 2010 , 12:41 PM
Christina Renay says:
I feel so bad for what happened during the Holocaust , i honestly don't know how the germans could've done something so terrible . i wish it never happened . its kind of hard for me to believe something so bad like that had happened .
Thu Jul 8 01:44:44 2010 , 01:44 AM
Aurionna says:
wow you guys are unbelieveable. geez these people lived through hell and thats what you have to say, you guys discust me !
Thu Apr 5 13:42:29 2012 , 01:42 PM
I think that if you know what they are going through you would understand truly nobody should say that are gay or they are ugly and stuff cause if you know what they went through there family died and they almost lost there life....... you would undeerstand what they are going thriugh......
Thu Apr 19 15:27:45 2012 , 03:27 PM
Aurionna I agree with you the people are trying to live with this but they can`t put yourself in there shoes not what they look like hell ya`ll discust me too...........
Thu Apr 19 15:30:44 2012 , 03:30 PM
How they use the Infants has a target and shoot them that is so sad i cried today as i read this wow nobody should have to go through something like that
love in peace to the people that died in this horrible s*!*.................
Thu Apr 19 15:33:54 2012 , 03:33 PM

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